Nam Cat Island Resort in Cat Ba

Nam Cat Island Resort in Cat Ba
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Being isolated totally from mainland, Nam Cat Island Resort is a haven for tourists who looking for preference of exploration. Coming to the resort, you can contemplate scenic nature and accommodate in wooden houses that are surrounded by cliff. The resort provides a range of services: kayaking, submarine diving, firewood camping, fishing in floating waiting house at night, visiting Viet Hai old fishing village in afternoons, visiting Monkey island and Lan Ha Bay.

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With unique wooden house architecture, all sides surrounded by limestone cliff and front faced by enormous sea, Nam Cat Island Resort 27 VIP and 5 standard rooms will satisfy your looking for an ideal resort. 
From Nam Cat Island Resort, you could comtemplate immense ocean that starts right from your footstep. Mighty landscape together with tranquility of sea water help you dispel daily worries and mingle with nature, experience remarkable feelings.

Coming to Nam Cat Island Resort, you will enjoy traditionally Vietnamese coastal food which carry sea tastes. The experienced cooks will definitely satisfy your fine tastes. The menu varies day by day and especially grilled food at evenings and nights. 

The serving light firewood camping at nights definitely makes your experience with friends and family even more interesting and special.

Nam Cat Island Resort via
  • Kayaking
  • Submarine diving
  • Play Beach Ball
  • Fishing in floating waiting house at night
  • Firewood camping,
  • Visiting Viet Hai old fishing village in afternoons, visiting Monkey island and Lan Ha Bay. 
  • Play billiard, pingpong or table football
  • Karaoke in the restaurant
  • Dancing in bar....

Come to NamCat Island Resort, you will have time for free activities like swimming, kayaking or trekking up mountain to see the panorama of Lan Ha bay with hundreds of islands on the emerald water. You can play football or volley ball on the beach in the afternoon or you can play billiard, pingpong or table football any time in the first floor of the restaurant.

In the evening, after breakfast, you can go up to the mountain bar to drink, singing karaoke with alot of friends from all countries around the world. Have some fantasy dancing before going to bed for a good sleep.

For more activities, you can also rent a private boat to take you to Lan Ha bay where you will see alot of beautiful islands and beaches. The boat will stop at a very lovely place for swimming and diving.

How to Get

You come to Tuan Chau island nearby Halong city and then there is a ferry to go to Gia Luan harbour in Catba island. From Gia Luan harbour, you can take a taxi or motobike taxi to Cat Ba town. From Cat Ba town, you will take a taxi to Beo harbour and contact us for pick up to Nam Cat Island Resort by boat.

Tuan Chau Ferry Time Table:

From Tuan Chau Harbour - Gia Luan Harbour:

07h30 - 08h30 AM

09h30 - 10h30 AM

From Gia Luan Harbour - Tuan Chau Harbour:

08h30 - 09h30

10h30 - 11h30

Nam Cat Island Resort via

From Hanoi, you can go by private car or public bus to get Binh Habor. Arrive Binh Harbor (Ben Binh) in Hai Phong city, you can buy speed boat ticket to get Cat Ba Town. There are some trips departing in the morning and early afternoon.

Departure time from Hanoi: 5h20 ; 7h20 ;  11h20 ; 13h20

Arrive in Cat Ba: 9h30; 11h30; 15h30;  17h30

Price: 250.000 VNĐ

The bus departs at: Nước Ngầm Bus Station

Contact: Hoang Long office in Hanoi.

You can buy ticket by yourself at: Hoang Long Office inside Nước Ngầm bus station before the departure time 15 minutes or you can pay on the bus. It is easy and available. Make sure it is Hoang Long bus (the red bus) because there are some bus companies have a similar name but they do not connect you to Cat Ba town, they only drop you in Hai Phong city.

Total estimated time from Hanoi to Nam Cat Island Resort: 4.5 hours (by this way)

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