Attractive experiences in Halong Bay (Part 4)

Attractive experiences in Halong Bay (Part 4)
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14. See sunset on the desk

Many tourists wonder that what they should do or where they should go during the golden hour. The answer is to watching sundown on the deck. In the evening, the sun slips below karsts, staining the sky in luminescent hues and creating dramatic silhouettes of karsts and mesmerizing reflection over the water. It is recommended have a seat on the lounge chair of your cruise and enjoying a cruise with a camera on hand.

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15. Hike on Ban Sen Island

If you want to experience something really adventurous, go for hiking on Ban Sen (Bản Sen) Island. This is one of the most thrilling things to do in Halong Bay. This island is thickly forested and probably uninhabited, making it a peaceful getaway for you. What you need to do is to take a ferry to the Quan Lan (Quan Lạn) from Cai Rong (Cái Rồng) and then enjoy your little piece of paradise. If you want, hire a tour guide who could regale you with mysterious stories of local folklore.

Ban Sen island via Thu Nguyen

16. Night Squid Fishing

Sleepless in Halong Bay? Then, think of night squid fishing. It might be one of the most lesser-known things to do in Halong Bay, but it gives every tourist who used to take part in this activity. Night squid fishing provides you with great pleasure of the night trip on Halong Bay. You will be supplied fishing rods, racquets to actively use them to catch squids. During the squid season, it will be popular for tourists to see many large shoals of squids surrounding cruisers and each tourist could catch about 30 squids for each fishing night.

You could use the squids caught for making dishes. This is a perfect time to enjoy Halong Bay by night. At night, the surface of the sea water is sparkling with the reflected light from those cruises that anchored on this bay. International tourists really love the boiled whole squids as upon eating, they could enjoy the wonderful feeling of ink line which breaks out pitch-black within their mouth. Tourists could also eat whilst singing Karaoke or dancing. With a little bit alcohol yeast, everybody will become enthusiasm and excited dancers and singers.

BBQ on the beach via Vietnam Travel Reviews

17. BBQ on the beach

This should be one of your gastronomic things to do in Halong Bay. Trust me! There is no doubt that having BBQ on one of beaches of Halong Bay will bring to you a unique experience that you hardly have anywhere else. With various fresh meat and seafood dishes, like roasted chicken, baked king prawns, grilled beef rump, etc, it is very promising for tourists to have an exceptional and tasty meal in the bay of islands. Just imagine, in the light of the dawn, you and your loved ones feast on a delicious BBQ meal and sip perfect cups of cocktail or wine, surrounded by green islets, white sands, and the blue sea. This is difficult to resist, right?

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