Attractive experiences in Halong Bay (Part 5)

Attractive experiences in Halong Bay (Part 5)
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18. Scuba Diving

Not only is Halong Bay a spectacular destination for sightseeing in Vietnam, but also is an ideal place for adventurous sports. Tourists coming to this landscape can enjoy not only the boat trip but also scuba diving. Scuba diving has been opened in Halong Bay recently, making it one of interesting things to do in Halong Bay, particularly for those underwater lovers. The most suitable period for scuba diving in this bay is from April to December. The water temperature during this time is about 26-29 degrees.

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Scuba diving is a the special product which no one has done before in Halong bay. Travelers can explore hidden beauty underwater with thousands of splendid coral and fish like sergeant major fish, clark’s anemone fish. Tourists will see colorful their method survive. Underwater world will make you to feel novel, small and peaceful. Tourist will perfect relax and excited to discovery underwater world. With internationally-licensed, well-trained scuba divers and assistants, we guarantee the safety, papering amenities with friendly and attentive management which make you unforgettable experience.

When tourists snorkel underwater in Halong bay, you will provide useful equipment such as: mask, fins, snorkel, cylinder, exposure suite, compass, regulator…  All facilities are regularly checked and match safety standard. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to worry about your safety.

Scuba diving in Halong via Mystic Halong Bay

Some tips for diving longer and deeper safely:

There are a number of techniques to increase the diver's ability to dive deeper and longer:

- Technical diving – diving deeper than 40 meters (130 ft), using mixed gases, and/or entering overhead environments (caves or wrecks)

- Surface supplied diving – use of umbilical gas supply and diving helmets

- Saturation diving – long-term use of underwater habitats under pressure and a gradual release of pressure over several days in a decompression chamber at the end of a dive.

19. Climb Mountain

The last but not less interesting one in this list of things to do in Halong Bay is climbing mountain. In fact, Halong Bay is reckoned as among the most majestic climbing regions of the world. It is estimated that there are more than 3000 limestone islands in Halong Bay area. This area has a few sport climbing routes and has much potential for additional development.

For experienced climbers, there are also many opportunities to deep water solo in the area. Although the sport is just taking off here in this area of Vietnam, climbers are already dubbing Halong Bay as one of the best places on earth for deep water soloing!

Rock climbing in Halong via BestPrice Travel

All professional climbers coming to Halong agree that Halong bay is the paradise of adventurous mountain climbing as it has thousands of islands with high lime-stone mountains. Tourist could see countless beautiful limestone faces. To enjoy this stunning archipelago of karsts you can try climbing rock mountain. If you never climb mountains, guides will guide some base skills and some notice during climbing time. After a brief introduction, guides will outfit you with safe and comfortable certified UIAA harnesses, shoes, and helmets. With the coaching of our experienced guides, climb as high as you like over the emerald waters of Halong Bay.  On a clear day your cruise home will include a majestic sunset, over calm waters, speckled with islands.

Tourists will excited to subdue high of mountain and reach true climbing experience. From the high, tourist could obverse overview of Halong bay. There is no better way to enjoy Vietnam than getting high over the emerald waters rock climbing in Halong Bay. Rock climbing in Halong bay is the most unique and exciting way to make your trip to Halong Bay most memorable.

This activity is usually combined with kayaking to explore natural environment of Halong Bay. You can kayak into hidden lagoons, through limestone archways, grottoes, and floating villages. After that you will climb mountains to obverse overview clearly. Next, you could take part in activities: soak up the sun, sightseeing, swim, beach hop, and watch the wheeling black kites as they dive for fish.

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