Things to do in Halong City (Part 1)

Things to do in Halong City (Part 1)
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There's plenty things to explore in Halong city and its surrounds including the famous Halong Bay with its iconic Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Surprise cave. Visit Cat Ba Island, travel to National Park and Monkey island, or spend time in the city limits - the choices are endless!

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Swimming in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is said to be one of the best place to swim in Vietnam with numerous beaches. The bay is not only an ideal place for sunbathing with dazzling sunlight but also a beautiful beach with calm tides, clean, and green water. It would be even much more enjoyable if you have a chance to swim far away from the beach, maybe diving from a cruise, because the water there is much more transparent.

Swimming in Halong via Vietnam Awesome Travel

However, the calm tides still possess hidden dangers, so following safety instruction is strongly advised:

  • Carefully follow the instructions and conditions before swimming or surfing.
  • Always swim in a group of at least 3-5 people. Remember to warm up properly.
  • Researchers say swimming ability is severely decreased in cold water so no matter how confident you are at you swimming, try not to swim too early in the morning or too late in the afternoon. The average temperature of Halong Sea is around 19-25 Celsius degree, in which the area near the shore (shallow area) is recorded approximately equal to the environment temperature.
  • Knowing your own swimming ability to choose suitable beach activities.
  • Diving as deep as possible to evade huge waves in case you don’t have enough time to get away from it. Luckily, this seldom happens in Halong.
  • While surfing, do not ride waves in a straight line toward the shore. Instead, surf at a small angle to the waves. Stay away from the white water in the center of the wave to avoid "over the falls".
  • Never swim in deep water or when you don’t know exactly how deep it is.
  • Never swim while intoxicated. Precedents of death due to hypothermia and other accidents have been recorded in Halong.
  • Try not to sunbath for too long, you might catch sunburn.
  • Halong Bay water is pretty warm during winter so feel free to swim or dive from your junk, however, try to cover yourselves immediately when you are done with the swimming because you might catch a cold. The temperature during winter can get as low as 10-15 Celsius degree.
Halong night market via Halong Bay Cruise

Shopping in Halong bay

One of the most serious problems in not only Halong City but also in various tourism spots in Vietnam is related to the price of products, or the way that sellers set prices for their goods. If tourists spend time on shopping places in this city, particularly at markets where prices have no apparent range and standard, they are usually ask for higher price for actual price of the products. Often, these prices can be 1.5 times higher than actual cost, but in some places where sellers are extremely avaricious, they can be 2 or 3 times higher. Therefore, suggestion to tourists is to carefully research about average price range of products that they desire to purchase before to not to be charged by sky high price.

Tourists should bargain for a better price if they think the product is overpriced. However, tourists should not bargain in supermarkets or shopping centers, where prices are already set. Another issue that tourists should be aware of is fake products. Halong City is located in Quang Ninh Province, where has border with China. Therefore, fake products from China are bought frequently by local sellers to earn more profit. Therefore, tourists are recommended to check the quality and origin of products thoroughly before purchasing, as well as shop at ensured places such as shopping mall or authorized shops.

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