4 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Luxury Cruise In Halong Bay

4 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Luxury Cruise In Halong Bay
UPDATED: 04 Aug 2016 59 Views

Luxury tourism is now popular in Vietnam and Halong Bay is set to see a big change in the way that it is explored by visitors. Halong Bay cruises are certainly the way to see discover magnificent caves and take sight-seeing. Here below are reasons why you should embark in a Halong luxury cruise trip.

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One-of-a-kind trip

Most people will visit Halong Bay just once, and this is one of the world’s great natural beauties, so it is worth paying that little bit extra to make the most of it. If you decide to save some money and go with one of the cheaper operators, you could end up having a less than satisfactory experience which would more than tarnish your Halong Bay experience.

Halong bay Halong bay

It helps preserve environment

Cheap cruises and environmental conservation do not go hand in hand. Unfortunately it is only the more luxury cruise companies that take waste disposal seriously and therefore taking a luxury cruise is also the right decision to preserve the pristine environment.

Gourmet cuisine

One of the best reasons to travel in Vietnam is to experience the tasty food. Unfortunately this is especially true in areas frequented by tourists such as Hoi An and Halong Bay- even mid-range Halong Bay tour packages can leave much to be desired in terms of what they put o the table. When you stay in  luxury ships you will have opportunities to taste gourmet food,  not just great Vietnamese fare, but Western cuisine as well.

Enjoy food Enjoy food

Gracious amenities

Luxury cruise ships always offer top-notch amenities that help you unwind and feel like at home. Sleeping in your own bed is never quite right, and that feeling of discomfort is heightened on a Halong Bay overnight cruise. Plus other services such as morning tai chi, spa, massage, sauna will get you satisfaction.