Dreaming of An Unforgettable Romantic Wedding on Halong Bay

Dreaming of An Unforgettable Romantic Wedding on Halong Bay
UPDATED: 25 May 2016 37 Views

Halong Bay is one of Mother Earth’s most amazing natural wonders and one of Vietnam’s most prized treasures. Known to the Vietnamese as “The Descending Dragon”, Halong Bay remains not only a paradise for tourists worldwide longing for unique experiences, but also a wonderful venue for lovers to dream of an unforgettable romantic wedding.

Bhaya Cruises is proud of the fact that so far we have organized several weddings on our cruises. Each one for us has been a memorable experience as we understand that wedding organization is so important for the groom and the bride and their guests.

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“Halong Bay is a dream wedding destination for lovers captivated by its outstanding scenic beauty,” said Allan Tuppil, Bhaya Cruises boat manager. Imagine your wedding on a luxurious charter wooden junk with the vow taking place on the sundeck of Bhaya Cruises overlooking the limestone karsts of Halong Bay. The stunning scenery of the bay’s nature makes the romance as your love blossoms under the blue sky and on the turquoise waters.

To suite the romantic atmosphere of being a dreaming wedding venue, in some cases we arrange a setting where a small wooden junk decorated with flowers and balloons, carrying the bride to where the groom is waiting on a Bhaya cruise.

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