Great Activities For Children In Halong Bay

Great Activities For Children In Halong Bay
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There are a lot of children visit Halong Bay with their family each year. Children are not only lured by majestic scenery of Halong Bay but also indulge in a wide array of entertainment activities and age specific-organized games. There are some activities that children will love playing when they visit Halong Bay!

1. Tuan Chau entertainment center

Tuan Chau entertainment center is where children can participate in interesting games such as ferris wheel, mystery house, bubble house, etc. In addition to that, Tuan Chau also hold water music performance and dolphin and seagull performance. Children might be interested in unique performance of cute dolphins and seagulls.

Watch dolphin performance Watch dolphin performance

2. Play on shore

Outdoor activities make summer fun for children. Take them to Halong beach to enjoy airy air, fresh breeze, laid-back atmosphere and sunny sand shore. Fresh atmosphere is not only good for children but also beneficial for their health. Making a sand castle is one of the most fascinating activity for children. Besides, children can explore wildlife and nature around the shore.

Building sand castle Building sand castle >> Asia package travel >> Watch dolphins and sea lions perform at the Tuan Chau

3. Cooking class on cruise ship

Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its harmonious combination of seasonings and integrity of flavor. You will surely love Vietnamese food by the first taste and want to bring some recipes to your home. It's possible as you take a cruise ship in Halong Bay. Almost cruise ships hold a cooking class that taken by tour guide! Children can also participate in cooking class and make some simple dishes such as salad, rice rolled noodle, spring rolls, etc.. It will be an exceptional experience for children.

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