Halong Bay travel guide- P2

Halong Bay travel guide- P2
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3. How to get here?

It takes from 3 to 4 hours from Hanoi to Halong by car (170km). All visitors book tour in Hanoi including transportation, hotel, and tour guide.

If you want come there without booking tour in Hanoi, you can take Hoang Long express from Kim Ma car park. It runs every minute. When coming to Halong, visitor can hire yacht to travel here.

Besides, you can take buses from Hai Phong to Halong(about 75km). The train from Hon Gai(Quang Ninh) runes every day. It leaves Hon Gai at 6h30, 13h, and 16h.

Bus to Halong Bay Bus to Halong Bay

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4. Shopping and price

In general, the cheap in Halong is not so expensive, even though it is a well-known travelling area.

The price of restaurant here is very normal. However, you should ask for information of price before purchasing or renting anything.

Bus to Halong Bay Bus to Halong Bay
  • The price of bus from HaNoi to Halong is about 60,000 dong.
  • If you hire a motorbike to take you from car parking to Bai Chay resort, the price is 15,000 Vietnam dong per person, and to Hon Gai, the price is 40,000 dong per person.
  • Taking taxi is more convenient, especially when you come in group of three.
  • The price of taking bus is 5,000 dong per person.
  • The price of accommodation is 150,000 per day. You can hire accommodation in Hon Gai, the price here is quite reasonable.
  • You can contact with your hotel to booking the board. The price of a trip by board in 6 hours is 150,000 dong. You should visit in the morning or at the midday to have more time for visiting.

Other guidelines:

  • There are a lot of travel agencies offering tour with you at a competitive price, so you should check carefully the quality of tour before booking.
  • If a tour’s price is more expensive than others, you should check out where its quality is better. May be, the quality of boats, accommodation, tour guide is better than other, so they require a higher price.
  • Before booking, you should ask whether how many people will go on a bus and a boat with you, whether the yacht has air conditioner, how the quality of foods is.
  • It you like to discover the beauty of caves and grottos much more, you should check the time of hiring boat to sure that you have enough time to visit.
  • You can swim or dive here in winter or autumn, because it is very cold.
  • To avoiding renting hotel or accommodation with an expensive price, you should visit here at the beginning of the week because from Friday to Sunday, the price of hotel is rather expensive due to out of rooms.
  • You should pay more attention on your eating here, especially about the price. Normally, the port doesn’t permit boat to go after 18h, so if you have a trip in the afternoon, you should negotiate with the host of board for a dinner. However, the price is quite expensive.
  • The native here is very friendly. If you friendly with them, they will be open- hearted with you. They are not adequate in facilities, but they will get their hospitality. halong bay tour
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