Honeymoon in Halong Bay

Honeymoon in Halong Bay
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Halong Bay is an ideal destination for your honeymoon – considering all-inclusive tours and fascinating cruises armed with subtle service, intimate dining, on-board entertainment and romantic itineraries. There are some options you can choose from.

Couple in Halong Couple in Halong

All-inclusive resorts

Staying in a resort is a great way to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. Go for a walk hands-in-hands with your loved one on the shore when you watch the sunset over majestic Bay or visit fishing villages in proximity which feature idyllically picturesque floating houses. Don’t forget to bring a camera in order to capture this great moment. For your honeymoon package, resort will serves you with candlelit dinners in the open-air garden with jazz music setting.  Make sure you go for a kayaking at shallow water beach in front of resort and try to spot some crooked hiking trails.

Honeymoon in Halong Bay Honeymoon in Halong Bay

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Take a voyage

Halong Bay is definitely great for a voyage. Book your stay on a yacht or five-star ship which offer in-room entertainment, top-deck party, champagne, pampered massage and spa and a luxurious duvet bed. When the ship meander in midst of the wonder, take a sight-seeing with your sweetheart to the splendid destinations of Halong Bay such as Thien Cung cave, Bo Nau cave, fishing village. In the evening, don’t miss out on this time to watch fierce sunset from the deck while enjoying beer and snacks. You will get bang for your buck for sure.