How to deal with Cancellation Tour in Halong Bay?

How to deal with Cancellation Tour in Halong Bay?
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Halong Bay is a World Heritage Site and a must to visit in Vietnam. Enjoy cruise in Halong Bay with marvelous scenery, welcome by friendly staffs, taste delicious food , spend time to visit mystery cave, peaceful fishing village and interesting kayaking trip are so appealing.

However, this trip can be ended suddenly because of weather conditions that we could not control, this fact occur quite often due to the highest safety level for tourists coming to Halong Bay. So, in what weather conditions Halong Bay trip will be cancelled and what should you do to deal with this?

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  • Storm/ Typhoon (summer): Vietnam is a country with long cost of 3.260km of East Sea (Pacific Ocean), leading to many natural disasters. In Halong bay, these storms normally appear from May to September. This is summer time in Vietnam, the weather is hot and being ideal for swimming, clean water and clear sky but the storm is visible. There would be more than 5 storms randomly happen in this period. It can affect directly to Halong
  • Bay or visit China, depending on its power and direction. Foggy days (winter): Winter in Halong Bay last from Nov to March, it is cold, temperature is about 15 degree, result in some foggy days. In case of some days extremely foggy that human vision is limited in short distance, the tour will be cancelled. It is not often but possible in winter.
  • Monsoon, cyclone, and thunderstorm: In winter, strong cold wind will pass by Halong Bay from the North, not much affected in mainland but sea weather can be seen as serious case. This monsoon, cyclone will be forecasted and if it might threatens weather in Halong Bay, tour will be cancelled.
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Receiving the tour cancellation news, all of the passengers are disappointed, so are the operators but no one can change the situation. It is all for highest safety condition for visitors. In case it happens, what you should do and the role of operators:

1. Cancellation news is informed in advance; the trip is not started from Hanoi.

  • Contact your travel agents to know cancellation time, when you could get the next trip or any alternative option.
  • Check your hotel booking in your hotel and then find the alternative tour. There are some day trips around Hanoi that you can consider: Hanoi City tour or traditional handy craft village tour , Hoa Lu- Tam Coc / Trang An ( Ninh Binh), Cooking class, Perfume Pagoda tour, Mai Chau
  • Refund will be made in full by cruise operators, travel agents.

2. Cancellation news is informed when you arrive at Halong Bay. The cruise operator will arrange lunch, day trip (if possible) for you and transfer back to Hanoi.

  • In this case, you can choose to stay in Halong Bay hotel for the next day cruise (not recommended for cancellation by storm which makes bad rainy weather and wait some days to cruise again)
  • Get back to Hanoi and enjoy other alternative tours: Sapa, Hanoi, Ninh Binh…
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