Mini Guide To Halong Trip

Mini Guide To Halong Trip
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Best time to go

Generally speaking, hot and humid weather characterize Vietnam, including Halong Bay which lies in tropical area, close to the equator. Cold monsoon falls from October to Next January, making it difficult for diving, surfing, hiking, kayaking. Average temperature in Halong Bay hovers around 30 degrees all year round – except for the winter. The time period between March to October is generally best time to visit Halong Bay. Howerver, because the winter's weather is not too cold, so tourists even go to Halong Bay by November.

Halong Bay in summer Halong Bay in summer >> 5 qualities of a Cruise Employee

What to pack for a cruise?

If you love soaking up the sun on Halong beach, remember to bring sun screen cream (usually cream SPF of 30 or higher) to help protect yourself from radiant and UV.

Normally  your hotel or cruise ship is equipped with daily essentials stuffs, but not as good as the items we prepared so you should bring your own shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste.

If you are a nature lover that suffers the glare of Halong, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat will help you limit the inconvenience points.

Essentials for a beach trip Essentials for a beach trip

Cruise Ships

Nowadays, Halong Bay cruises have become popular. When the ships meander around the bay, visitors have opportunities to watch scenic caves, enjoy watching fierce sunset, join kayaking, swimming and squid fishing when night falls.

Depend on the itinerary of the ships, your cruise trip can last 2 days or only 1 days. Choose from a range of 3 stars ships such as V'spirit, Majestic, Calypso, Halong Sails, Oriental Sails, Glory. Prices range from 1,500,000 VND to 4,500,000 VND, including transfer fee, 3 meals, entrance tickets.  In case you want to have a luxury cruise, choose from 4 or 5 stars ships such as Au yacht, Bhaya, Emeraude, Paradise, Starlight. Book your trip in advance so as to get the best price, especially in the summer – the high season in Halong.

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