Music Water Show In Tuan Chau

Music Water Show In Tuan Chau
UPDATED: 23 Mar 2016 50 Views

Tuan Chau is a famous island in Halong Bay, offering spectacular scenery, fabulous beaches and vast of entertainment activities. Apart from Halong Bay cruise trip, Tuan Chau amusement park is one of Halong bay tourist attractions. One of the most interesting entertainment performances is water music that take place at Tuan Chau Entertainment center.

Spread over an area of ​​2.5 ha is a vast reservoir deepened between strip of green hill beside the coast. Water Music performances stage is designed as a big giant oyster with its magnificently sparkling pearls.

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The stage is surrounded by spacious sidelines, with more than 12,000 comfy seats. Looking down from above, water music performance reminiscent ancient Roman arena Colosseum in Greek with legendary gladiatorial chevaliers. The performances include thrilling, epic, lively sound with the combination of thousands of taps, colored lights, lasers and fire column which are controlled by morphing modern technology and Laser Effects Projectors. Enjoy and explore the works shaped technology by water, fire and laser light attractive colors, you're sure to be satisfied with in exploring curiosity of Tuan Chau.

Tuan Chau Entertainment center is one of the most modern buildings in Southeast Asia and the first presence in Vietnam in 2004. The building is one of the highlights in the overall impression and recreational parks Travel Tuan Chau International. Tuan Chau entertaiment centre is proud to be the place for holding lots of cultural events such as  International tourism fair, Miss Vietnam 2004, Miss Vietnam  2010.