Popular Types of Halong Tourism

Popular Types of Halong Tourism
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Halong Bay is known as one of the most popular destinations for both domestic tourists and foreigners. Halong bay is full of charm, steeped with magically natural beauty, mysterious caves and teeming with indigenous culture.

Halong appeals millions of visitors in a year at any time of season. Come and indulge in the enchanting beauty with the most enjoyable experience. Let’s see several types of tourisms and choose one which best suits your demand.

Cong Do island Halong Cong Do island Halong

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Types of tourism in Halong Bay

Halong Bay tours: Take part in a tour, you are able to visit popular destinations such as grottoes, islands and entertainment center. Besides, you can’t fail to miss activities such as recreation activities on the beach which are organized by tour guides.

Kayaking: This is a type of tourism that suits to ones who are dynamic and active.  Discover the bay when you padding a kayaking boat. Visit spectacular karat limestone, mysterious caves, that are all you can expect.

Kayaking is popular in Halong Kayaking is popular in Halong

Culture tourism: For those who want to delve indigenous culture and Halong people, this is a great choice. Take your time to visit and explore the archaeological, cultural values of Halong Bay.

Eco-tourism: nowadays many of us try to live in a way that less exploit nature as little as possible so it is not surprised that eco-tourism is becoming more and more popular. Halong Bay to be with its untouched beauty, offering a great opportunity for tourists to see majestic mountainous areas, unspoiled bays, pristine caves, precious and rich marine life. Travel on foot, boat, or bicycle so there is no pollution.

Resort: Fresh air, tropical climate and breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and help leave all stress behind. Unwind at a fancy resort and pamper yourself with spa service.

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