The Spiritual Places in Quang Ninh (Part 1)

The  Spiritual Places in Quang Ninh (Part 1)
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Thinking about such a beautiful city like Quang Ninh, we can’t help mentioning the most famous travelling landscapes, especially cruise .Standing out in relief of all are Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay with a lot of beaches stretching away to the horizon. Quang Ninh also has some wonderful places for the tourist to discover like Co To, Quan Lan….The tourists can be enjoyable with some provided services as sea bathing or being overnight on boat in Halong bay.. But there is another reason for the tourists to be fascinated in Quang Ninh , are places of the famous spiritual beliefs , as they will be said below:

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1. Yen Tu vestiges

Through completing penetration itinerary to Buddhism in all the ways along country, there is always a place where any Vietnamese one never stop being on tenterhooks to the holy peak – Yen Tu vestiges, which is located in Uong Bi city, 130 km from Hanoi capital city. From highway 18A to Yen Tu submontane area ( about 10km ) , the tourists can feel the sacred and serene atmosphere of Zen Lisa.

Yen Tu pagoda Yen Tu pagoda

Tourists can come up to Đong Peak by two ways : walking on foot or using 2 hop-teleferic service . In comparison with teleferic used , walking on foot takes much more time with 6 km of an abrupt track , but it is also the way for many tourits to show their sincerity in Buddhistical festival in New Year. Typically, there are many old-aged tourists climbing to Yen Tu Peak by all means on foot.

Anyway by any means, the tourists must start from Giai Oan spring, then pass Hoa Yen Pagoda, Mot Mai Pagoda , An Ky Sinh statue ,after that, pass along Đong Pagoda – which is the biggest bronze Pagoda on the mountain of Asia. Standing on the peak at the impressive height of 1.068 meters, tourists might to able to watch a panorama of a dewy extensive scenery.

2. Cai Bau Pagoda

In spite of being inaugurated in 2009, it attracts tourists by unique construction.It stands back to back with the mountain and toward beach, Truc Lam Giac Tam monastery ( or Cai Bau pagoda) located on Van Don attracts visitors from everywhere to enjoy on spring occasion.

Cai Bau pagoda Cai Bau pagoda

Located near Bai Dai resort, the space here is not only peace and scared, but also extremely pure. Blending with the bell voice, chanting and the gong sound is wave echo that makes people feel calm and stillness.

In particular , visitors come to worship , sightsee can enjoy vegetarian meal and free packing. The pagoda is located about 10 km from Cai Rong Town Centre, Van Don, visitors can go there by bus or private vehicles.

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