The Spiritual Places in Quang Ninh (Part 2)

The Spiritual Places in Quang Ninh (Part 2)
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3. Cửa Ông Temple

Cửa Ông Temple is located in Cẩm Phả city , is the only one in which worship Trần Quốc Tảng commander and all of his family members , also famous people of Trần’s Dynasty. Although the main festival is held in the second lunar month , a thousand of visitors and travelers from everywhere eagerly have flocked to the temple since the beginning of the New Lunar Year.

Cua Ong Temple Cua Ong Temple

Likely Cái Bầu pagoda , Cửa Ông Temple stands on a high hill and toward Bái Tử Long bay. But there is a differ from Cái Bầu pagoda, is that the whole industrial city of black gold exploiting is in our sight, which besides the spacious seas. Not only worship in the 2-grove-architect – Thượng temple and Hạ temple , but the tourists also can enjoy the peerless speciality sold along the temple , it is Tày nòng ẹp cake.

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4. Lôi Âm Pagoda

Although it is a rather strange pagoda to the visitors from everywhere in the country, Lôi Âm pagoda is very famous to Quảng Ninh inhabitants for its charming , sacred and ancient scenery. Located on Đại Yên sub-district , Ha Long city , in order to get to the pagoda ,visitors must go on boat in 15 minutes , after that visitors climb on foot in a half of an hour along the slope of the mountain.

Another special thing of worshiping in Lôi Âm Pagoda is that the visitors spontaneously bring 2 red bricks which were put already in the foothill in order to restore the pagoda. Despite the rough track , each and all have the same feather light feeling , because of the green pine lines and limitless pineapple gardens along the way.

Lôi Âm Pagoda Lôi Âm Pagoda

Pilgrimage itinerary will be started from Lôi Âm pagoda located on an even and flat landscape, surrounded by luxuriant trees. The small road on the left of the pagoda will lead the visitors to Mẫu Alta , passing by the slope will lead the visitors to Cậu cave, toward Yên Lập lake.

5. Long Tiên Pagoda

Located at the foot of Bài Thơ mountain, Long Tien Pagoda is well-known as the most famous for spiritual meaning in Ha Long. When spring arrives in Quảng Ninh, Long Tiên Pagoda is called Trình Pagoda , because people arrive here to burn joss sticks first , afterward they continue on a pilgrimage to Yên Tử Mountain , and festivities at Cửa Ông Temple… Long Tiên pagoda was built quite recently , in 1941,as the architectural sculpture of Nguyễn’s Dynasty with textures of dragons and stylized designs .Entering the three-door temple gate is a large ground inside where the Bodhisattva was put . Buddha is worshipped in the Central chamber, on the right is for Trần’s Dynasty commanders , and on the left is for the three-the Holy Mother – palace.

These spiritual places not only attract the visitors on spring occasion , but also get extremely crowed with the visitors to present their offerings to Buddha. tour halong

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