Tips For A Family Trip In Halong Bay

Tips For A Family Trip In Halong Bay
UPDATED: 05 May 2016 38 Views

A family trip in Halong bay can be a memorable experience for you and your children. It is a great time to play together and enjoy a leisure vacation in Halong bay - one of the wonders recognized by UNESCO. However travling with kids also a hassle because they are very mischievous and energetic. There are some tips to create a hassle-free family trip to Halong Bay.

1. Bring essential things for children

There are plenty of things to prepare before your trip: booking hotel rooms, bringing passports, packing enough clothing for a week, etc.. Add "children essentials" to that list. You will have to remember to bring things such as medicine, sunscreen, pamper watersilk and one of the most important things is mosquitoes  relief. Halong Bay is situated in the subtropical area so the weather is humid and hot all year round except for a short winter. Subtropical weather and warm climate might cause malaria, dengue, encephalitis, therefore, you should prepare some medicines.

Bring essentials for children Bring essentials for children >> Halong Bay on a budget

2. Accommodation tips

Pick your children to a comfortable and handy hotel. Some hotels offer outdoor playground and in-room games for children. Children can also receive special amenities such as playing room, game players, dedicated food and snacks and more. Note that you should keep an eye on your children and don't allow them to go outside alone. In some cases, children under 12 year-old can stay for free. Take advantage of this promotion!

Kids at hotel Kids at hotel

3. A cruise or all-inclusive hotel?

Staying overnight in a cruise ship can be inconvenient for children. It's also boring because children don't have a spacious space to play games. So you should consider to book a cruise. If you travel with baby, it's much better to stay in a hotel will all-inclusive service.