Tips for taking wedding photos in Halong Bay

Tips for taking wedding photos in Halong Bay
UPDATED: 27 Apr 2016 47 Views

Halong bay with its breathtaking scenery and dramatic territory attract millions of tourists each year. Besides, it also becomes an ideal destination for those who want to take unique photos for their wedding. Here are useful tutorials that help you take pictures out of simple ones.

On beach

Pristine beach, blue green water and majestic mountains of Halong Bay are absolutely beautifully stunning backdrop for your photos. Let crashing waves add some splendor to your photos plus water’s edge also provided exciting composition. Beach offers you greatly photographic opportunities but it can challenge you, either because it lacks of prominent features. To solve this problem, find out some local points such as colorful kayak boats, fishing village in vicinity.

Wedding photo taken in Halong beach Wedding photo taken in Halong beach

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On cruise ship

Some cruise ships offer service for taking photograph and you are obligated to get their permission. Make the most out of your photographic moments at luxury ships or yachts. Taking photo on the deck will revoke legendary scene in a famous movie – Titanic. You will surely get one-of-a-lifetime photography experience.

Wedding photo taken in Halong Bay Wedding photo taken in Halong Bay

In sunset

Romantic moments are always come when the sun sets. Take advantage of sunset to add some colors to your photos. It’s common to take kissing scene under sunset but if you want an interesting photo, just capture stunning silhouettes. Ensure that you take a photo with the sun behind you and expose image at the brightest of the scene.