Top Must-Try Seafood in Cat Ba

Top Must-Try Seafood in Cat Ba
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Seafood in Cat Ba Island is very abundant and fresh, especially snout is successfully grown on the island. There are many famous dishes made from seafood such as lobster, snapper, grouper, cobia, sea snakes, king-crab and many dishes such as: jellyfish mannequin, grilled Geoduck… It would be a memorable experience when sitting on a boat sipping wine.

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1. Seven dishes from Sam in Cat Ba

Sam has been cooked with many different foods such as: salad roll, sweet and sour foot of sam, sam with peppers, steamed crabs. The foods that are cooked from king crab are delicious and unique. You should eat with hot spices such as: lemongrass, chili. Customers often eat the baked eggs of sam. You can enjoy together with grapefruit, beets, herbs, nut, onion, garlic… In addition, king crabs are also used to make souvenirs with sophistication.

2. Cat Ba Geoduck

Geoduck is mollusca living in the marine environment. Geoduck is rare seafood with the high nutritional value and special taste. Besides, Geoduck is good for men. Geoduck is less familiar as clams, oysters, snails… but if someone has one chance to enjoy it, they will not forget the special taste of this seafood.  

Cat Ba geoduck via

There have many dishes which are cooked from Geoduck such as: baking, salad roll, porridge… Firstly, soaking into water from 2 to 3 minutes in a hot water, then, washing the outer shell.

Delicious Geoduck dishes depends on a lot of spices such as garlic, onion. After that, using fried oil, dip in fish sauce, glutamate and pepper…

3. Cat Ba Song fish

Song fish belongs to warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. In Vietnam, there have about 30 species including several species with high value. In the Cat Ba, there have 3 species: “song mo” fish, “song den” fish and “song cao” fish. Song fish is a ferocious meat-eate creature but very nutrient. People can cook many nutritious dishes from Song fish such as: salad roll, soup, hot pot, steamed, sauce, grilled…

4. Sea Snake in Cat Ba

Sea snakes have small body, 1-2 meters length, flattenedbehind as oars, venomous teeth located in the upper jaw. According to popular experience, sea snakes have higher value usages in food and medicine.

Sea snakes are called “hai xa nhuc” that is salty, fishy odor which has effective on anti-inflammatory, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal degeneration and pain, acute sciatica. In addition, snake gall has analgesic, sedative.

Cat Ba snapper via My Baja Kitchen

5. Cat Ba Snapper and Fish Roll

The sea has bestowed on the two islands of Cat Hai two nutritional fish: snapper and fish roll. From two types of fish, people cooked many dishes such as: salad roll, hot pot, steamed, sauce, grilled. Coming to Cat Hai, visitors can enjoy dishes from Snapper and fish roll with the flavor of the sea. Chicken and goat in here are fed follow the natural way. Besides, Cat Ba Island is also famous with special honey.

6. Cat Ba Rice vermicelli eith shrimp

The main material to make the appeal of this dish is the fresh shrimp taken up from Hai Phong. After that, they are peeled and stir-fry with onions.

Each fiber blended the red of shrimp, tomatoes, green onions, and the yellow of grilled fish, which creates the vivid colorful pictures. While eating, dinners will feel the flavor of shrimp. Rice vermicelli with shrimp severed with some vegetables and some pieces of chili, which makes a bowl of shrimp noodle very special and attractive.

7. Cat Ba Lobster

Lobster is available in many places but if you go to Cat Ba to enjoy it, you will have an unforgettable impression.

Lobsters have a variety of different weight, depending on the number of customers that the restaurant can serve. Lobsters can be processed into many dishes such as steamed lobster, fried lobster with salt, lobster salad, etc.

Steamed lobster is the most popular dish because it keeps the full flavor of the sea. Lobsters are green when alive, turn to pink when steamed. Steamed lobster is decorated with onions and herbs, served with soy sauce or fish sauce. This dish is delicious and nutritious so it is commended as one of the best specialty in Cat Ba.

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