What is the best time for traveling in Ha Long?(Part 1)

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Ha Long is on the North of Vietnam which has for typical seasons: spring, winter, autumn, summer. You can come to Ha Long any time in a year; however, the best time is from April to October. The climate in this time is very cool and comfortable. You can also come here in December, January, and February. The weather at this time is a little cold and cloudy, sometimes, it has small drizzling rains. During the time from May to October, the temperature raises, and it can have hurricanes.

2. Where you will visit in Ha Long?

When visiting Ha long by yacht, you can enjoy the beauty by sceneries here. You will the wonderful fog, and the sea water is as clear as crystal. Moreover, you have chance to see floated house of people here. All of them will attract you a lot. Along the seaside of Ha Long is Bai Chay resort. You can live here when having holiday in Ha Long. is full of sea breeze and it average temperature is above 20oc. There is a row of low hill here with many rows of pines here. Under the pines’ shade, many small villas inserts with many high blocks. Through the small road, there is a row of white sands in pines here. After swimming in the sea, visitors can enjoy cool sea breeze. Besides, visitors can go to Co To island by boat to swimming the sea , enjoy the beautiful sceneries and coral. This island is wonderful destination for people who want to have a quiet place for resting. Visitors coming here should visit Tuan Chau Island. This is one of the most famous places for traveling in the North, and it is the most beautiful island in comparing with 1,969 islands in Ha Long bay. This is the only place where people live. Tuan Chau has the well-known artificial seaside in Vietnam. In Tuan Chau, you can freely play many kind of game on 4km Traco sand bank. Games can be football, volleyball, water skiing, water motor skiing, canoe skiing with umbrella, water motor skiing at high speed. In Ha Long visitor can come to Cuisine Garden. Its architecture is very original, and bases on the Vietnam imperial palace of the 17th and18th century. While eating here, you can enjoy both the beautiful architecture and the delicious dishes. If you want to swim in spring here, you can come to Quang Hanh; it is more than 10km from HaLong. This is the national resort. Halong has a many systems of cave and grotto. Each of them has it own beauty and be attached with a legend. Visitors can come to Luon cave on Bo Hon Island. It is 14km from Bai Chay. You will be stunned by the beauty of stalagmites here which have many shapes and colors .They have been formed for million years. The sceneries here are so magnificent. In front of the cave is Turtle Ball; on the right of the cave is Sky Gate. Here the rock is very high. At the edge of water, there is a bowed shape gate. Coming Ha Long in Quang Ninh, you remember to visit Yen Tu pagoda. They are a system of pagodas sitting hierarchically from Do slop to Yen Tu pagoda according to the height of this mountain. The imposing mountainous beauty of Yen Tu harmonizing with the ancient beauty of pagodas, the beauty of luxuriant trees will make visitor feel comfortable and relax. In the evening, visitors can go to Bai Chay night market. At this market, you can buy many beautiful souvenirs or enjoy specialties of Halong. If you want to see the city in the night, you can come to Bai Chay, vice versa you can come to Bai Chay ferry to see the beauty of Bai Chay bridge. Besides the systems of cave, there are a lot of well-known places which are very attractive. Coming here, you will have wonderful time of relaxing.  ( to be continue) travel to vietnam
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